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We thank everyone for their applications, but only those that are successful will be contacted.
Any additional materials can be sent by mail to PO Box 740, Simcoe ON, N3Y 4T2 or emailed to

frequently asked question


About the Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation

Our foundation was founded on December 31, 1958, and since that time we have sought to improve the lives of Canadians through support of a number of charitable initiatives.

Do you have a preferred type of organization that you support?

Our foundation supports a broad range of programs and initiatives, though we do tend to focus on organizations based solely in Ontario, Canada.

Please note: applications will only be considered one year from the day of your last application

When we receive your application we will consider it closely, however if we do not choose to contact you to discuss it further, please do not re-submit your application until the following calendar year. Any organizations who submit multiple times will be excluded from consideration.

Why have you created this website? Should I still send a paper application?

While we are still accepting paper applications and supporting materials, we feel that having this website form will discourage organizations from sending huge packets of glossy, expensive printings. This will help their bottom line, and help the environment by cutting down on waste.

We feel that organizations should be able to succinctly describe their needs and programs.

Can I call and speak with you about
my application?

We would prefer to accept your application through our website, and then, upon review, have us contact you with any questions or clarifications.

How often does the Audrey S. Hellyer Foundation meet?

We meet quarterly throughout the year. We consider all applications received up to 30 days before our upcoming meeting, which means we will have considered your application within four months of submission.